Primary Components of Bookings

  • A Booking page (or Intake Form) where your customers and clients can schedule appointments with the Staff member who should provide the service or run the appointment. This web-based scheduling page can be shared via a direct link in a communication or pasted into your course syllabus; it can be shared to your Facebook page, and can also be embedded in your website.
  • A web app that contains a set of web-based, business-facing pages where Bookings calendar owners and administrators within Princeton can define appointment types and details, manage staff schedules and availability, set business hours, and customize how appointments are scheduled. These pages allow for versatility and the ability to customize a Bookings calendar to fit the diverse needs of the person or department.
  • A business-facing mobile app where Bookings calendar owners and administrators can see all of their appointments, access customer lists and contact information, and make manual bookings on the go.

We're Here to Help!

Use Microsoft Bookings for scheduling and managing your appointments with ease. Bookings includes a web-based booking calendar and integrates with Outlook to optimize your staff’s calendar and give your students (or others who need to meet with you) the flexibility to book a time that works best for them.

With built-in flexibility and the ability to customize, Bookings can be designed to fit the situation and needs of many different working parts of campus.  

OIT is here to assist you with the configuration of your Bookings Calendar.  Below is a detailed guide to walk you through configuring your calendar.

Quick Reference Guide

Configure your Calendar with this Step-by-Step Guide